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Jointing mortar - consumption calculator

The jointing mortar consumption calculator for the products vdw400, vdw400, vdw425, vdw800, vdw805, vdw815, vdw830, vdw840 Plus, vdw850, and vdw855 calculates the necessary quantity of jointing mortar related to the size of stones or flags, the joint width, as well as the joint depth.

Remark: The indicated quantities relate tocobbles cut on all sides, laid in rows, and to our experience of many years. Due to the natural form of the stones and in case of patterns of installation, variations may occur. In case of doubt, determine the consumption by installing a test area.

stone dimensions
joint dimensions
your project
Consumption of jointing mortar for your project
Consumption of jointing mortar for your project total

Optionaly on absorbing stone:
Stone protection StoneProtect Plus 3 in 1
for critical stones (sensitive surfaces, sucking stones, chinese granite etc.)

Menge Splitt [kg]
Gebinde à 1.25 kg
Menge vdw520 [kg]
Gebinde à 5 kg

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